Good News! Amazon's Going to Make a Full Season of The Tick

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Here’s your dose of happiness for the day: The Tick has survived Amazon’s ridiculous pilot process and is going to receive a full season’s worth of episodes.


The most nerve-wracking part of Amazon’s “put a bunch of pilots online and then see what people like” pilot program is waiting to see if a show that looks great and has a ton of potential actually makes the cut. Happily, the revived and revamped The Tick, starring Peter Serafinowicz, proved nigh invulnerable, and has been granted a full season order (along with I Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson).

This is great news not just because the new Tick is great, but because it means that Ben Edlund will get the chance to bring more classic Tick characters to the small screen.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, and haven’t watched the Tick pilot yet, go do so right now.


Katharine is the Associate Director of Policy and Activism at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the former managing editor of io9. She writes about technology policy and pop culture.



Didn’t realize the pilot was even up. Guess I will give it a try tonight