Illustration for article titled Good News: Apple Still Uses Google Maps Where It Matters Most

Apple's new Maps may be a horror show, but at least they haven't fully permeated your iOS existence. As one redditor discovered recently, still uses Google Maps when you use its Find My Phone feature. It's a sweet oasis, in your time of greatest need.


There's no good time to have your maps fail you; in fact, the poor guidance in iOS 6 has already led to more than a few sticky situations. But considering you spent at least $200 on that fancy new iPhone 5, it would be particularly frustrating to be sent on a wild goose chase trying to track it down.

That's not to say that this is a permanent reprieve; Apple hasn't commented yet, but it could just be an oversight, or just a temporary solution until the company can port its navigation software to the desktop. Either way, let's all agree not to make too much noise about it, right? Our little secret. Otherwise we all might end up looking for our lost iPhones in the middle of an airport that's actually a farm. [Reddit via CultofMac]

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