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Scores for the stupidest test in America might be a lot higher this year. Hundreds of questions for the new SAT, widely used to prove academic aptitude for college-bound high schoolers, were leaked to Reuters by “a person with access to material for upcoming versions of the redesigned exam.” Heck yeah kids, roll that Scantron into a fat blunt because it’s going to be worth fuck-all this year.

The leak comes after several years of warnings, both internally and from consulting firm Gartner Inc., that the College Board’s security was lacking. It’s unclear how far, if at all, these test items have circulated. If answers were to fall into the hands of students prior to the exams in October it could render a huge portion of the college admissions process meaningless—not to mention that SAT scores are often factored into scholarship considerations.


According to Reuters, “developing a single version of the SAT typically takes about 18 to 30 months and costs about $1 million,” making an exceptionally costly mistake for the College Board. So far the test-making company has yet to cancel or postpone upcoming SAT exams. Presumably if evidence suggests the materials, which included 21 reading passages and over 150 math questions, have leaked, tests this year will be invalidated, if not by the College Board than by the colleges and universities reviewing the (highly inflated) scores.


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