Say Goodbye to Nexus 5, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

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Google says goodbye to one of its best pieces of hardware, PlayStation Vue is finally coming, and the $10,000 Apple Watch gets some much needed ribbing. All news and rumors you might have missed in the last 24 hours, all on BitStream.


The fate of the Nexus 5, Google's ultra-cheap and ultra-great smartphone, has been up in the air the last few months. Outlets prematurely reported its demise as Google soon filled the app store with more. But long bouts of "out of stock" notices and the release of the new Nexus 6 bode ill for the 5's future. Now, that's come to an end. A Google spokesperson tells us that "while some inventory of Nexus 5 still exists (with our retail and carrier partners), our focus is on the Nexus 6 at this time." So pack it up Nexus 5, you had a good run. You taught us all that a great smartphone can also be affordable.

Despite ditching one of its best handsets, Google did mix up some of its commerce options, opening the first brick-and-mortar Google Store in the UK along with a new online shopping portal for devices. [Google Store]


Hopped in an Uber lately? You've probably noticed that your driver is male. Like...Always. Now Uber wants to change things and hopes to enlist 1 million women drivers in five years. [Reuters]

Apps and Devices

Verizon is finally getting the Nexus 6,! [Verizon Wireless]

The second gen Moto G is finally getting some much needed LTE in more markets but still isn't available in the U.S. yet. [Motorola]

PlayStation Vue, Sony's answer to Dish's Sling TV, will launch in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia within two weeks. [WSJ]


Snapchat is trying to become a next-generation media giant—and that includes being a sports broadcaster as well. [Digiday]


Sony's upcoming Z4 leaks (kind of) with pictures of the phone's supposed housing. The biggest disappointment? Sony might be ditch waterproofing. [Future Supplier]


Cyanogen may be beginning its secession from Google by replacing the standard Android mail app with one of its own creation. [Trusted Reviews]

"The best $10,000 you'll ever spend...until two years from now when you'll need to buy another one."

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What a terrible decision. I own a Nexus 5 and think it's great, but i'd never consider buying a Nexus 6 simply because of the size and price. Unless Google comes up with a smaller and cheaper Nexus model this year, i'll be jumping ship for my next phone.