Google Adds IMAP to Gmail, World Rejoices

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If you are a Gmail user, head over to your account settings and select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" to enable the newly-added IMAP access option. Enabling Internet Message Access Protocol allows you to access mail directly on the Google servers instead of downloading it to your desktop, laptop or phone. That way, if you access mail from multiple devices, your inbox and mail folders will look the same from every one of them. Read a message in your iPhone? It will appear as read in your work PC. Delete an email in your home computer? Boom, gone in your MacBook. Gmail's IMAP setup page includes tutorials for Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, and, you guessed it, the iPhone, even with a step-by-step video:


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I set up Outlook Express with it and it works just fine! I wonder if moving an email to the Junk folder will automatically flag it as spam to Google? That'd be neat.