Google Admits Buzz Testing Sucked and They Are "Very, Very Sorry"

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Google has admitted that their Buzz testing process was equivalent to mine: Click enable, then disable it ninety seconds later. They said to the BBC that their testing sucked donkey balls, which is why many people hate it. The excuse:

We're very early in this space. This was one of our first big attempts. We've been testing Buzz internally at Google for a while. Of course, getting feedback from 20,000 Googlers isn't quite the same as letting Gmail users play with Buzz in the wild. If it becomes clear that people don't think we've done enough, we'll make more changes.


That's what Todd Jackson, Buzz product manager, told BBC News. Google only tested this thing internally, and didn't put the service through the Google Trusted Tester program, like they have done with other services in the past. He also admitted that tens of millions of Buzz users were "rightfully upset" and that Google was "very, very sorry." Todd's right, but I don't think all those "tens of millions of Buzz" ex-users would care about the too late apologies. They do care about the privacy problems and the inbox spamming.

Would these users give Google another chance? I doubt it would be soon. And, personally, I doubt there's enough interest for yet another Facebookish Tumblred Twitting clusterfuckassered online service. [BBC News]

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Were this Apple, all the problems would be responded to with a quick "No comment".

Were this MS they would be responding but it would be in bumbly stumbly way that would only make MS users every do a collective facepalm.

Props to Google for being up front and honest about what happened. Hopefully their fix is as refreshingly straightforward and honest as their response.