Google Buys iPhone Email Search App reMail and Pulls It From the App Store

The iPhone app reMail is email search the way it should be:

iPhone mail search is fine. reMail iPhone mail search is actually good, if it works for you. Two things: there's no Exchange support (sorry suits!), and there's only support for one account at a time. But within that one IMAP or POP account, reMail archives all your message text as far back as you want, letting you search full text-not just subjects-without a network connection.


But now it's gone from the App Store, because Google just bought the company, and its developer, Gabor Cselle, is now a Gmail product manager (he actually got his start working on Gmail).

Since Google and Cselle went so far as to pull the app from the App Store, you have to wonder what's next. [Gabor Cselle via TechCrunch]

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This app had severe limitations on it in the 1st place - I don't see it being all that important.