Google Calendar Is Down, Life As We Know It Ceases to Exist [Update: It's Back]

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Oh no. This is it. It’s the end. We had a good run everyone, but Google Calendar is down.


According to Google’s status page, the holy Calendar has been down since 9:47. We here at Gizmodo must report that since the crash of Calendar, World War 3 has erupted, Donald Trump has seized the presidency and Game of Thrones has been permanently canceled. Sorry, I wish it wasn’t this way. But it is. Blame Google.

Update 11:00 A.M EST: This doesn’t look good. According to Google’s status page, they’re still trying to resuscitate Calendar. Google plans to give an update at 11:30 “detailing when we expect to resolve the problem.”

Update 11:46 EST: The blood sacrifices worked! Google Calendar is back. For most people, at least.

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