Google Chrome First Official Screenshots

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Here are the first images of the much awaited Google Chrome. Light and spartan, and it seems touch friendly. Enjoy.

Click to viewIt looks very similar to what everyone imagined. I'm glad we are moving into single-window, task-oriented environments.

Everything you need to know about Google here.

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This looks really cool, but my issue is that it only applies to a very niche market - netbooking.

See, I do a lot of heavy statistical programing - Stata, for example. First of all, a Chrome OS would unlikely support a RAM-hog such as Stata. However, if it did, I wouldn't be too comfortable doing all my work on a cloud, especially when I'm working with very sensitive data sets. Nor am I too happy about simply keeping the data on an SD card or flash drive, where it could more easily fall out and be lost.

Unless I never want to do anything other than blogging, email, youtube, and LOLcats, I don't think Chrome OS makes a whole lot of sense for the entire market. As Walt Mosspuppet said: "Saying nobody needs more than webapps is like saying nobody needs a fridge because we can all drive down to TGI-goddamn-Friday's for chicken wings."