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Google Continues Damage Control With More Buzz Security Updates

Though the dust has hardly started to settle after the privacy shitstorm that immediately followed the launch of Google Buzz—Google claiming it was going to untangle Buzz from Gmail and then denying that it had any such intentions didn't help matters—the Don't Be Evildoers have in fact made some tweaks to the system. Here's what's changed so far:


As of this morning, private e-mail addresses that were left out there naked for all to see in @replies are now covered up by asterisks.

Starting this week, Google will switch its auto-follow function to a suggestion-based system.


Those fixes are a good start, but at this point it's possible that Buzz's bad vibes are so pervasive that people won't be able to forgive and forget. At least not until Facebook's next privacy blunder. [TechCrunch and Business Insider]

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Understand, you f'n people, that this was not a mistake. Google is an evil bastard, and this is not the last time they will screw you royally.

I've been telling people this at each opportunity for years, and yet here is a perfect example of why you should have NOTHING to do with Google, and yet you clueless ingrates will continue to use it.