If you're smartphone user, you know all too well that you have an entirely different set of requirements when you're out and about. Google figures that your results should match the platform from which you're searching, so it's decided to offer special searches for mobile devices. An example might be if you're driving around with your smartphone and you search the term "cheesecake," it points you to a selection of restaurants, but if you search that same term from home, you get a long list of pr0n sites showing plenty of T, A, or the specific body part of your choice.

Google wants all of your urges satisfied wherever you may be, so it's reportedly goosing up development of its list of sites and services that will be returned when you search from mobile devices and smartphones, quickly and efficiently getting you all the porn you can consume at home and all the cheesecake you can stuff in your piehole on the road. Nice.


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