Google+ Gets Custom URLS (For Companies and Famous People)

Illustration for article titled Google+ Gets Custom URLS (For Companies and Famous People)

Google+ is now letting some users pick their own vanity URLs.

But it's not for you. Because your name doesn't happen to be Britney Spears. Unlike Facebook, it's only for verified accounts, which means it's only for famous people and brands. In you haven't been to your Google+ page in a while, the address is just a long string of gibberish. This on the other hand is clean and simple. But unless your name is something we'd hear on the radio or see on TV, you're SOL for now. [Google+ via The Verge]


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Again these nimrods at GOOGLE seem to forget that the bulk of their business is the little people. If Google expects this crap to take off, then they better make it available for everyone. I still don't understand the mindset of these people. The small 1 percent is just that 1 percent. Google it's best to deal with the masses then to deal with the minority and piss the masses off.