Google Glass 2.0, and Other News You May Have Missed

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You’ve probably been engulfed in the Apple Watch media maelstrom. Wondering what else happened in tech this weekend? Like how the new Google Glass will be made by a fancy Italian eyewear brand? We’ve got you covered with BitStream, our cheat sheet for tech news and rumors that might’ve slipped past your radar.



Is Google abandoning Glass? Some people have been wondering, since it’s been announced an Italian eyewear company—Luxottica, known for luxury products—will make the new, fashionable version of the high-tech eyewear. Still, execs insist that’s not the case. [Wall Street Journal]

A cross-promotions ad company thinks they’ve unearthed details of the first Windows 10 Lumia phone. Allegedly, the device sports a 5.7-inch, 1080p display, and is Windows 10-only. So sayeth the rumor mill. [PCWorld]

Apps and Devices

Transparent clay is the material that armor is made out of these days, apparently. The Naval Research Lab came up with a way to make lightweight, bulletproof, see-through clay from a synthetic powder that allows infrared cameras to see through it. It could potentially protect everything from combat vehicles to smartphones. [Popular Science]

Twitter’s rolled out a new feature called Highlights, which, well, highlights content Tweeters might be interested in based on their activity and networks. [CNET]

The ASUS VivoWatch runs its own operating system and rocks a 1o-day battery. But unlike other wearables, it won’t be sold at electronics stores, but at watch shops. [SlashGear]


An Israeli startup has created and patented an electronic pill that supposedly staves off hunger to fight obesity. It hangs out in your stomach for three weeks before disintegrating. [AFP via CTA News]

Has your Facebook feed been overrun by friends’ Sim-like 3D avatars? They come courtesy of a Chinese iPhone app that takes a screenshot of your face and produces pole-dancing animated humanoids straight from the Uncanny Valley. [The Verge]


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It will only sell if they give up trying to make it a consumer product. I can see a surgeon or similar profession needing something like this. Market it towards those industries. Not 20 year old hipsters who just want to take pictures of their food.