Google Hacked the Chinese Hackers Right Back

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One of the cooler stories out the whole Google-China debacle is that Google hacked the hackers. It "began a secret counteroffensive," breaking into a computer in Taiwan, gathering evidence the attacks originated from mainland China, possibly orchestrated by the government.


Google's delta force found evidence that the hackers had attacked 33 other companies, like Adobe, and that the onslaught actually came from China, not Taiwan. More to the point, "much of the evidence, including the sophistication of the attacks, strongly suggested an operation run by Chinese government agencies, or at least approved by them." Unfortunately, Google can't prove the Chinese government's involvement 100 percent, which is why the Obama administration is pussy-footing around the issue.

Still, it's pretty awesome: If you hack Google, they will hack your ass right back. [NYT]


Google threatens to leave China.

China calls their bluff and says, "go ahead".

Google should officially pull out, and inform the other companies that were hacked so they can pull out as well.

Then, all affected companies should remove Chinese localization from their products.

Then, the US government could bring the copyright hammer down n a big way by not allowing Chinese imports while piracy is rampant.

I know it'll never happen.

But, if we're ever going to get China to play by the same set of rules everyone else does, something like this needs to happen.

In 2008, (the last year data is available), there is a $268 billion trade deficit with China.

We sold them $69.7 billion in goods and they sold us $337.8 billion.

This is a serious problem for the US economy.

Of the $3.4 trillion in US Treasury Bonds out there, China owns $800 billion, or 23%, of them.

Chinas manipulation of the Yuan, (it's national currency), to stay below the dollar in value, allows them to under cut US manufacturers. This means, to stay afloat, US companies need to lower costs. This results in outsourcing.

People blame NAFTA for our outsourcing problems, when it's actually Chinas fault.

The time is ripe for American companies to start sending China a message.

Personally, I am willing to pay higher prices for items made in America. And, until the rest of you out there are too, we will remain a pawn of China.