Google HQ to Run on Solar Power, Sun's Stock Price Suddenly Rises

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Googleplex is going solar. Well, part of it is. The Mountain View-based company announced its plans to power part of its HQ using solar panels. 9,200 solar panels to be exact. The search engine giant hopes to set an example for corporate America and said it will power up to 30% of its facilities using the good ol' sun. Google wouldn't go into detail as to how much the project will cost them, but we do know it's being headed by Pasadena-based El Solutions. Google, we salute thee on your noble efforts.


Google Blog [via Gizmowatch via Newsvine]

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Hey remember that Google gets a huge tax credit of 50% from the state of California to do this. Its avaiable to everyone in California. Now the local business in Nevada that has sun almost everyday and could also benefit from solar power does not have this credit so it becomes a payback of 20-30 plus years to install solar at your business. Because the payback is much shorter it makes sense for Google and every other person and business in California to also jump on the bandwagon. I salute Google but also salute the state of California for partnering with anyone who wants to reduce their energy consumption and move this coutry towards energy independence.