Google Introducing Chrome OS Netbook Next Week? UPDATED

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Rumors of a Chrome OS netbook first cropped up last December, but it seems as though the wait might be over soon: according to Engadget, Google's going to make the laptop official Dec. 7th. Though maybe not easy to get.


There aren't many details available for now, and it does seem a little odd that there's been no media event scheduled yet. But even that makes a little more sense given the rumored scope of the rollout: supposedly only 65,000 units will be made available on a friends and family basis. In other words: they're not ready to sell it yet, and hyping a new product too early could create some confusion around the holiday shopping season.

What can we expect from a Chrome netbook, other than a cloud-based operating system and web apps aplenty? Previously rumored hardware specs have been all over the place, but recent reports have indicated that it'll house the same Atom processor found in most netbooks these days. Hopefully we won't have to wait long to see what else is in store.

Update: Ask and you shall receive! Google just sent out invites for an event on the 7th after all. No confirmation that it's the netbook we'll be seeing, but it's definitely something Chrome-related. [Engadget]



This is possibly one of the worst idea's Google has developed. Netbooks are worthless. If you need a netbook type of machine you now buy a tablet. If you need a Computer on the go, you buy a laptop. Its just the smart thing to do.

Netbooks are a lackluster mix w/out the apps, touchscreen or input and speed cababilities of the latter.

Worthless. Why google? Why?

Because it connects wirelessly?

So does my tablet on a 3g network.

So does my laptop through my Droid x - but for $30 not $60 monthly..

Makes me sad.