Google Is Building a "Firewall" Between Android and Motorola

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When Google announced it was to acquire Motorola, it was obvious it wanted patents but unclear how Android and Motorola would interact in the future. According to Andy Rubin, who heads up Android, there's going to be zero communication.

Speaking to The Verge at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Rubin explained that, when it comes to the acquisition, he has "nothing to do with it.... I don't even know who's running it." He went on to say that Google has "literally built a firewall" between the Android team and Motorola. "I don't even know anything about their products, I haven't seen anything," continued Rubin. "They're going to continue building Motorola branded devices and it's going to be the same team doing it."


He also doesn't seem convinced that Google is about to turn Motorola into a market-leading smartphone business. "Even if I was completely insane, it wouldn't make any sense for me to think that we could get Motorola to be 90 plus percent marketshare," he said. "It just isn't gonna happen." You're not wrong, Andy. [The Verge]

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Worst idea ever. Google is now paying a bunch of software people at Motorola to actively ruin Android before it finds its way to consumer products. Can't they at least step in there and tell them to stop destroying their phones with Motoblur? Let them do whatever they want with hardware but they have to stop skinning the software.