Google is Jesus in the only good plot development on Revolution

At this point, the post-apocalyptic American politics on Revolution have become the "torture and sadism" subplot. So now all we have left to enjoy is the nanotech plot – and luckily, last night's episode delivered in that department. Here's the best scene.


We got a little back story on the Patriots' chief scientist, whose father was a Christian who believed in prayer instead of medicine. So science chief is kind of pissed off about that still, mostly because it meant that his mom died for lack of medicine. Now, science chief has cancer – and he wants Google to use his powers of nanotech to cure him. And that brings us to this scene, after the Patriots have captured Google so they can cut him up and study him. Science chief tells Google that his dad believed there was an invisible force ordering the universe and it turns out that was true. "Except," he adds, "it doesn't come from heaven."

We never find out where he thinks it comes from. I like the fact that were left wondering if he means that it comes from hell, or from science. Either way, he's going to mess with Google until he figures out how to control Google's powers. What I like about this scene is that it suggests Revolution is a story about what would happen if it turned out God were actually real. That would make Google Jesus, or maybe Moses. And it would make that little Revelations/Revolution pun a lot more meaningful.

In the scenes for the next episode, we've been promised answers about what all the nanotech powers are about. I highly doubt we'll get any answers at all – this show has been pretty bad about follow-through in that department. But if we get more stuff about how science has made Christianity into a reality, color me intrigued. Especially if we don't have to watch Neville torturing someone or Monroe knifing someone or Miles torturing someone who once tortured someone…seriously, I love action, but endless scenes of torture do get boring after a while.

So tune in next week, when Richard Dawkins realizes that science has brought about the Biblical apocalypse and his head explodes with Google nanites. What, you didn't see that in the previews?


Giulia Sprint

It occurred to me while watching this the other night that it would be extremely funny if in the middle of one of the episodes they showed an alien spacecraft descending into earth's atmosphere to make first contact and then abruptly losing power and crash Landing in a massive explosion over Greenland. Then cutting back to the show as normal.