Google Chromecast Doesn't Come With Free Netflix Anymore

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Even though Chromecast is, like, technically on sale, it's basically impossible to get one because so many people are trying. Wait times for the product are about a month on Amazon right now. Well sadly, the amazing deal that made so many people rush to the register lasted just 24 hours.


Besides the dope functionality of the Chromecast, one of the best perks is that it came with three-months of free Netflix, which brought the price of the $35 gadget down to, effectively, 11 bucks. Or it was one of the best perks. According to the LA Times, Google is killing the deal due to "overwhelming demand." Apparently, "for a limited time" means only one day. Le sigh.

We reached out to Google to find out if everybody who has purchased a Chromecast so far will still get the deal; presumably that's the case, although it's unclear exactly when the cutoff was. [LATimes]


Wait...whut? Ending it because of overwhelming demand? So they stopped it's too popular?

i don't get it