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Google Just Tricked Hundreds of Thousands of People Into Listening to a Computer Science Lecture

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Google Day! Aren’t you so excited about new phones? You know what’s more exciting than new phones? Computer science research.

Last month, Google its artificial intelligence powered assistant last month inside its messaging app Allo. Now, Google followed up the extreme amount of hype behind its new products with a drab lecture from its CEO about how the assistant works and what it’s capable of.


Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, spoke of moving from a mobile first world to a artificial intelligence first world. “We’re just getting started, but in many ways we’ve been working hard on this problem ever since Google was founded 18 years ago,” Pichai said. “Today, our knowledge graph has over 70 million facts about people, places and things,” he continued. Pichai noted that Google’s artificial intelligence power is already built into Allo, but hinted that the company’s artificial intelligence would expand to other products. Google said that the artificial intelligence will keep your data “safe and secure” but didn’t expand on exactly how it would do that.

Isn’t it riveting?


Google’s artificial intelligence even extends to its new camera app. Google says Smartburst will use artificial intelligence to pick out the best photo from a series of photos taken very quickly.

In Allo, Google’s assistant can help you check the weather, find a place to eat, look up movie times, alongside a host of other useful things. It works pretty well, too. Google is betting big on artificial intelligence, and this presentation today shows that it is trying make artificial intelligence more useful than ever before.