Google Launches Free Wifi In Mountain View

Looks like all the Wifi troubles Google's been having have been taken care of—or at least classified as a low priority bug—as the search engine company launches free WiFi for its home town of Mountain View.


To do it, Google had to blanket the city with 380 transceivers, and spent around $1 million on the project—chump change by Google standards. So for people who live in and around Mountain View, you can go ahead and stop leeching off your neighbor's WiFi and start leeching off Google's. Heck, maybe I'll make the drive over there to Mountain View and try it out myself.


Google launches free WiFi in Mountain View [San Jose Mercury News]

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I was one of the testers and I found that it worked very well outside. With clear line of sight to one of the 380 access points I was able to get speeds just below the 1 Mbps cap both up and down. The catch is that trees and walls drammatically reduce signal strength. For home use most people will need a high sensitivity bridge like the recommended PePLink unit and/or a directional antenna. A few more details and links here:…