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Google Lays the Smack Down on Torrent Sites in Search Results

Illustration for article titled Google Lays the Smack Down on Torrent Sites in Search Results

Next week Google will begin censoring sites for which it receives a large number of copyright removal requests by reducing their Google site rank across their entire domains.


Google's Transparency Report reveals that some sites used for torrenting pirated content receive more than 100,000 complaints a month. While Google has refused the requests of organizations like the RIAA to stop listing these sites altogether, it'll be effectively doing the same thing by pushing them down in your search results. Yes, censorship. And it won't do a lick to stop piracy. [Google via The Verge]

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I approve of this. I hate searching for something and having the first 100 results be torrent sites (real and otherwise). I use private trackers that wouldn't come up in a Google search anyway (even if you don't use private trackers don't you usually just go to TPB or Demonoid to search for whatever it is you're searching for?). Removing this crap will just serve to make a lot of searches more relavant.