Google Life Sciences Division Is Now Called… Verily?

Illustration for article titled Google Life Sciences Division Is Now Called… Verily?

Alphabet Inc., the newly founded parent company of Google, just added a new name to its portfolio: Verily. This Google[x] spinoff used to be the experimental lab’s life sciences division. Now, it’s Alphabet’s first new company and a creative use of the letter “V.”


Verily will pursue wonderfully futuristic projects like the much anticipated smart contact lenses and the mysterious blood-sucking smartwatch. And while you read about the breakthroughs, just sing the company’s unofficial theme song to yourself: Verily, verily, verily, verily, life is but a dream.


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Verily. Well that’s worth alot on the scrabble board. Well played google, well played. Now let’s see what you do with that “Q”