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Google Now Is Coming Soon To A Desktop Near You

Illustration for article titled Google Now Is Coming Soon To A Desktop Near You

Since its introduction earlier this year, Google Now has quickly become one of the stand-out features of having a (current version) Android phone or tablet. It looks like Google Now-age won't be exclusive to mobile for long, however; Google Now is coming to Chrome.


While the transition hasn't been officially announced, the addition of several items to the Chromium project code site with titles like "Show Google Now notifications in Chrome" and "Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation" confirm it's in the works. Spotted by François Beaufort, the code site additions herald a big move for the service, one that could serve to rope non-mobile users in.

While you can't argue with Google Now being more widely available, you kind of have to wonder how useful it can actually be on a desktop. Still, it'll serve as another vector for users to cram data into Google and get some functionality back for it. Get ready, the cards are coming. [François Beaufort via Engadget]

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I really like having Google Now on my phone, but I've found it to be way less useful on my Nexus 7. I'm guessing it'll be even more useless on a desktop, but we'll see.