Google Plans Three More Android Updates This Year, Named After Decreasingly Popular Desserts

Illustration for article titled Google Plans emThree/em More Android Updates This Year, Named After Decreasingly Popular Desserts

Official word about Android's 2009 roadmap has been handed down, and it contradicts the early scuttlebutt: the mobile OS will get not two, but three updates by 2010, each named for a slightly more esoteric dessert than the last.

As we've known for a while, the next big update will be called Donut. This will be followed by Eclair, then finally, Flan.


Not that this nonsensical naming convention has any bearing on the substance of the updates, but I can foresee having a tough time getting too hyped up about Flandroid, much less whatever weird confection comes next. Android 2.5 Brûlée? 3.0 Treacle Tart? 3.5 Amaretto Sorbet? Ugh, I'm hungry. Note: the names appear to be alphabetical, which will ensure awkwardness for many software generations to come.


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Does no one at Google have a flair for words? Google is copying Apple with their cats. But Apple chooses cats that are wild and exotic, while Google’s deserts are the ones most likely to be eaten stale by a developer following a coding marathon.

Donut?! Google please. How can you get excited about coding for a desiccated dough circle you bought while a bunch of cops glared at you like you were up to no good.

If I were running Google and wanted to excite the developer community, I would embrace Apple’s influence head on and give subsequent builds names that are part cat, part desert: Pussy flambé. Short-haired pop tart. Banana tabby. Death by Main Coon.

Who wants to bet applications for Pussy flambé would be 10 times better than for Donut?!