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Google Play Music's Family Plan Is Live, and It's a Great Deal

Illustration for article titled Google Play Musics Family Plan Is Live, and Its a Great Deal

You can now sign up for the Google Play Music family plan announced earlier this fall. $15 connects up to six accounts to Google Play Music. It’s a fantastic deal.


In addition to unfettered, ad-free access to Google’s great streaming music service, the six accounts will also get access to YouTube Red, Google’s newly launched premium video offering, which includes ad-free video, offline saving, and eventually, exclusive content.

Considering Google Play Music ordinarily costs $10 per month, this is a great deal. (Although, the logistics of splitting the cost between 6 people are impractical.) I should note that both Spotify and Apple Music offer similarly priced plans.


So what makes the Google plan different? YouTube Red. All streaming music services are essentially the same, so the added video bonus makes Google Play Music a killer.

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I have been waiting for this since it was announced! I was super happy to see this article, but when I went to the blog post it seems like it is still a few days out. I can’t seem to go ahead and sign up right now. Ughh...