Google Search Will Tell You How Many Calories Are in That Burger Now

This is great if you're watching your waistline and even if you're not—Google has added very specific nutritional information to search. Whether you want to know how many carbs are in an apple to how much sodium is in a bowl of miso soup, it will give you an exact answer.

Your queries can be everything from very specific questions to more general searches. Want to know how if there's protein in granola? Go ahead and ask. Need to hear about the nutritional value of corn? Search corn. It doesn't look like you can get information specific to restaurants yet, but data will be available for more than 1,000 different edibles. Google says the feature is rolling out gradually, and we're not seeing it yet, but it's something we'll be very glad to have. Nutritional information can be hard to interpret, so it's nice to see it coming our way in an easy to digest form. [Google]


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