Google Talk Client Updated, Still Obscure

Google, whose entire product line seems to be in a constant state of beta, has upgraded its Google Talk client, trying to catch up with the rest of the instant messaging world with file transfers, voicemail and the ability to show contacts what music is playing on your PC. Undaunted by the fact that virtually no one uses its Google Talk application—reportedly only 44,000 people used it last month—Google presses on with, yes, another updated beta that doesn't support the Mac.

Now you'll be able to send files with a button click while talking to another user of Google Talk, leave voicemails up to 10 minutes long that will be e-mailed to the person who didn't pick up the phone, and for some reason you'll be able to reveal the music you're listening to, which changes as the tune does. Why you'd want to do this, we're still scratching our heads. Anyway, maybe these new features will help Google Talk pick up a few dozen more users.


Google Talk Swings Back [TechCrunch]

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