Google+ Wants You to Fill It With Updates From Other Sites

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Venture Beat is reporting that there's an extra Google+ feature that wasn't announced at yesterday's I/O, which sucks content from other sites for you. Sounds like it might be only way you'll ever post anything to your profile.


Called Google+ History, it's an API that lets you add—retrospectively, if you wish—statuses, pictures, purchases and whatever the hell else information you like to share, direct from other social network accounts like Twitter and Foursquare. The API automatically drags content and dumps it, historically, on your page.


The idea, it seems, is to allow everyone with an empty Google+ page—that'll be most of us, then?—to fill it up with content that has previously been posted online. It's a bit like buying a new house that you don't want to live in, then filling it with all your old junk from your adolescence so it looks used. Used, yes. Only a little hollow and depressing at the same time.

Combined with the upgraded Google+ feature, most notably Events, can it make people take notice of the social networking site? Probably not. [Venture Beat]

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I use Google+ all the time(hardly ever use facebook now) - facebook is full of people you vaguely know updating you on their mundane trivia but Google+ works differently, I interact with loads of people from all over the world - true social interaction on a vast range of subjects. Of course if you just open an account and then just sit there without actual creating circles or interacting then it looks like nothing is going on, that's just a basic misunderstanding of the way it works, interaction is not a passive thing.