Google "Warns" ISPs About Online Video, Suggests Google Video

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Google has come out and warned ISPs that the Internet can't handle people watching TV or movies on it. With the large file sizes of video, especially HDTV, they say that major infrastructure upgrades are needed to meet upcoming user demand.


Google, sweethearts that they are, offered to "work together with cable operators to combine its technology for searching for video and TV footage and its tailored advertising with the cable networks' high-quality delivery of shows." Aw, shucks, how sweet of you to try to weasel your way into the service provider industry under the guise of a warning. Yeah, I'm sure making Google Video the proprietary method of searching for video on every ISP and using AdWords to make money off it will really help people download movies faster. You're all about helping the people, Google, and we thank you.

Google and cable firms warn of risks from Web TV [Reuters]



I don't think we're reading the same article...?

How is Google evil by pointing out to the ISP's that their networks don't have the capacity customers require? I'd much rather have Google assisting in developing new delivery methods than the ISP's 'discouraging traffic' by increasing prices.

The ISP's NEED to invest in infrastructure, but WILL NOT (at the rate we the customer would like) due to shareholders requiring ever increasing profits. ISP's WANT to charge more for their exisiting infrastructure to stay profitable, and have started blaming video streaming and 'premium content' on clogging their tubes; and they're blaming Google, You-Tube etc for this increase in traffic, not the customers who are downloading it.

The very least Google can do is work with the ISP's/Telco's to optimize and minimize traffic (higher compression etc). This will at least take some of the argument AWAY from the Telco's increasing prices though their preferred 'toll-road' method.

For those that are calling Google evil from this article, don't be too quick to judge. This is a carefully calculated move from Google to weaken the Telco's argument for a non-neutral internet. If the Telco's turn down the offer and later try to sue anyone they dont have a leg to stand on.