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Google's Auto-Awesome Will Make Your Photos Snow or Twinkle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Google's Auto-Awesome feature that's baked into Google+ already does cool things, like make your pictures more balanced, auto-stitch panoramas, and even create animated GIFs. Today, it's adding two new Holiday-ish Auto-Awesomes. It's either the best new feature, or the cheesiest, worst new feature. You decide.


Starting today when you take a photo of something that shines—like lights, a Christmas tree, or a starry sky—Google+ will automatically create an animated GIF (in addition to saving the original) of your subject actually twinkling. Ain't that precious?


Additionally, if you take a shot that has a lot of snow in it, it will create a GIF of that photo with snow actually falling from the sky. Ahh, winter.

The real question is, how accurate will it be? Or, perhaps more to the point, how easily can we trick it? Can you make it snow on a white sand beach? Or in front of the White House? Can you make porn twinkle and shimmer like diamonds? We really, really hope you'll let us know, dear readers. [Google+]