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Google's Awesome Project Ara Modular Smartphone Delayed Until 2016

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As hinted in tweets last week, Google is officially delaying the launch of its Project Ara modular smartphone concept until next year.

Back in January Google announced that it would be launching a test of the phone in Puerto Rico this December. Puerto Rico is having considerable economic and environmental problems at the moment, which probably means it’s not the best place for testing a new consumer electronic product, so Google gave up on that plan. According to the project’s Twitter, they’re looking at other places in the United States.


Besides the obvious Puerto Rico problems, tweets acknowledged that the project was running behind schedule because the development of the phone took more iterations than anticipated.


This is too bad! Project Ara is a really brain-bending concept that could radically change the industry if it works. Oh well, better late than never. See you next year, Ara.