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Google's Bing Sting Operation Has Now Reached Meme-Levels of Fun

Illustration for article titled Googles Bing Sting Operation Has Now Reached Meme-Levels of Fun

Remember how Google caught Bing copying its search results in an elaborate honey-trap where the former made up some bizarro search-terms and and waited for Bing to replicate them? One of those made-up, unpronounceable words, hiybbprqag, has hit the big-time.


It appears that before news of Google's sting-op came out, a Google employee by the name of Chih-Chung Chang registered the domain, no-doubt anticipating how far the story would reach. Where does it redirect to? Why, the Google Jobs site, of course.


Even Stephen Colbert joined in on the fun! Hilariously, Bing was advertising on The Colbert Report, but Colbert didn't let that stop him from poking fun at the situation. "For the first time ever, someone's search history has been busted for something other than porn." You can watch that video clip here (if you're in the US). And of course, buy the mug too. [TechCrunch]

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Why does the name Chih-Chung Chang sound vaguely offensive/racist to Asians?