According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is closer than ever to launching the company's cloud-based storage service that will rival now established services like Dropbox and Apple's iCloud. In fact, it could be available in just a few weeks.

Like Dropbox, which offers various tiers of online storage for your files and documents, Google will offer a standard free account, though specifics on how many gigs of data you can upload without paying aren't known just yet. However, if the data cap on the free account isn't sufficient for your needs, a paid version will also be available, with Google aiming to undercut the cost of existing cloud based services.


And unlike Apple's iCloud which caters to the company's iOS devices, Google's cloud storage services will not be exclusive to the millions of Android devices on the market. Instead, like the company's other services, it will be easily accessible on a wide variety of devices, including the iPhone and iPad, Apple permitting of course. [WSJ]