Google's First Fashionable Glass Frames: Perhaps Not That Fashionable?

We've long known that Google wanted to make Glass fashionable, and now it's teamed up with Diane Von Furstenberg to create a series of alternative frames for its face-mounted computer. You can decide for yourselves if they look good or not.


The DVF collection comprises five new frames and eight new shades with which to customize Glass. They range from librarian-chic to monstrous wraparound, and will be available via Google' s own site, as well as from Net-a-porter They're certainly... distinctive.

Whether they're really aligned with the tastes of Google's Explorers, who will be able to buy them from in the US from June 23rd remains to be seen. We can't help but think that the impending Ray-Ban and Oakley collaborations may go down a little better. [Google+]


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