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Google's Music Service Is Called Music Beta By Google

The NYTimes reports that Google's Music service, which we're expecting to be launched Tuesday morning, will be called Music Beta. And unlike Amazon's service, which holds 1,000 songs that you already own for free in the cloud, it will hold 20,000 songs. 20,000 songs!


The service will be invite-only to start—available to Verizon Xoom owners first—and then later through The service will also sync up playlists and content on different devices. Since the piece includes quotes from Google employees, and the information above isn't hedged on, I'd consider all this new info as good as confirmed. [NYT]

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First I was all happy because 'Xoom' then I read 'Verizon Xoom' and became bummed out.

Then I got all happy again because, hey, XOOM!!

20k songs?! damn, I have 250 at best... I better get crackin'!