Google's New $120 Million Hardware Testing Labs

Illustration for article titled Google's New $120 Million Hardware Testing Labs

If Google's Head-Up Display glasses and automated cars aren't enough for you, here's some good news: Google is pushing $120 million into new construction projects, many of which will be home to secret hardware testing facilities.


Mercury News reports that a review of public records shows that Google is stumping up the cash to both develop existing buildings as well as create new ones. According to the newspaper, among the projects are a lab designed to test Google's new media streaming services, an overhaul of the Google X labs, and a suite of precision optical technology. Elsewhere, the company is also planning to build a "Google Experience Center": a 120,000-square-foot building that will act as a private museum for Google's most important clients.

While the Experience Center merely suggests that this is a big company planning to get bigger, the other projects suggest Google is providing a shot in its hardware arm. We've already seen Google branded Chromebooks, phones, and TV services, but that's just the beginning. The only question is, can they make it work? [Mercury News; Image: brionv]


Don't Google do hardware testing to allow Market access?