Google's New Look for Android Is Leaking Out Onto the Web Too

Illustration for article titled Google's New Look for Android Is Leaking Out Onto the Web Too

Google just showed off the new look that the next big release of Android—the "L" release—will have. But the new card-based look isn't just for your the operating system on your phone or tablet. It's going to leak out onto the web as well.


With a developer tool called "Polymer," Google is making the same design tools that are available to mobile developers to folks who are making websites too. In fact, the new Google Design guidelines aren't tied down by devices; they're intended to carry over across every screen, from your computer to your tablet to your phone to your TV to your watch and back.

How much and how fast this will take off is all dependent on developers, but Google is giving it a head start by slapping the new design on its mobile web sites. And that's just the beginning. The look of the web—at least Google's pretty sizable corner—just might be starting to change.


Hopefully they won't try to put this on desktop webpages. It looks great for mobile, but it's far too low information density for gmail or docs in full blown Chrome. It'd be like running Metro on desktop and wasting your whole 24" screen for a single app with gigantic borders. And touch-screen controls with a mouse sucks. In other words, be smarter than Microsoft was.