Google's Offices Have Awesome Secret Rooms Hidden By Swiveling Bookshelves

Google's New York City office has something that every office in America needs: secret rooms hidden by swiveling bookshelves. If you're not in the know, you wouldn't know it existed. But if you do have Batman access at Google, you can pull the correct book and expose a whole 'nother world. Or something like that.

Tarah Feinberg from iCrossing shared this picture on his Google+ page:


Apparently, there are several rooms just like that. It's a nice way to escape the chaos of the grind and/or begin an illicit office relationship. Of all the wacky wild things that Silicon Valley offices have, I think I'm most jealous of secret rooms hidden by a bookshelf. In fact, that might be the thing I want most in life. [Tarah Feinberg+ via Search Engine Roundtable]

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