Google's New Wallet Card Brings It One Step Closer to Being a Bank

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Over a year after rumors first surfaced, Google has finally unveiled the Google Wallet Card, a physical debit card that you can use to spend money from your Wallet account. The Mastercard-powered piece of plastic works just like a regular debit card and is available right now.

As the company explains in its announcement, the Wallet Card enables you to instantly access money in your Wallet account without having to wait for it to transfer to your bank account. That means you can make purchases both in physical stores and online, as well as withdraw money from ATMs. The Wallet Card is completely free, and the ability to go shopping with a Google-branded debit card nudges the search giant in the direction of online-only banks, such as Simple.


Again, the card is available immediately. You can order yours from the Google Wallet Android app or from your Wallet account. [Google]