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GoPro Attached to Surfboard For Recording Awesome Wipeouts

Illustration for article titled GoPro Attached to Surfboard For Recording Awesome Wipeouts

The GoPro Hero Sports Camera seriously is cool, and watching Brian toppling over himself on a snowboard made me want to search for even more GoPro videos. Enter sexy Spanish surfer wiping out. Swooon.


This time, the GoPro (Surf Hero) was attached to Kike Aradas' board as he surfed the waves off Madrid. The short film, about five minutes of what looks like watery heaven, will be playing at the Surffilm Festibal7 2009. [Daily Motion]

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The shots of the duck dives are kind of cool, but the rest just looks really weird. You cant really tell if he surfs well or has any style with that angle. A barrel shot would be sick. The rest just looks like green screen surf movies from 50s/60s.