GoPro's Latest Update Lets You Turn Your Action Cam Into a Webcam

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Photo: Andrew Couts/Gizmodo

An update launched this week lets you turn your waterproof GoPro action camera into a working webcam. The update, which is compatible with the with the HERO8 Black, allows you to connect the camera via a USB-C cable and have it appear as a camera in apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


The feature requires a manual firmware update for the HERO8 and a little piece of software that lets you control the camera from the desktop. In our testing, the feature worked well on Mac OS and Windows.

The Hero8 works as a webcam for Discord, YouTube Live, Zoom, and many other video chat apps. You can set it to fisheye mode for a wider look, or a standard flat webcam mode.

Sadly, users of other GoPro cameras will have to wait.

“Using a GoPro as a webcam is only offered through the HERO8 Black at this time,” the company wrote in a FAQ.

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My Nikon Z 50 can’t stream and charge at the same time.

I repeat, my $1000 DSLR camera can be used as a webcam, between battery changes, 75 minutes at a time.

So, yeah. All day meeting? Streaming games on youtube? Nope, the designer couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to power the camera via USB, or charge the battery from the power source.

In fact, there is a $30 usb charger for the camera. But, the camera has to be off for the battery to charge.

How could this have been left out of the design? I mean, i didn’t buy the camera to stream, but after COVID the idea of using it came up and I have been beating my head against the wall on this for about a month. I’ve rarely been more frustrated.

Nikon even has made videos and documentation suggesting to use their cameras for streaming.