Gorgeous look at Ti West's Innkeepers "a ghost story for the minimum wage"

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Ti West's classic ghost story, The Innkeepers, is building up a lot of buzz following their SXSW debut. The recent release of this gorgeous poster has us even more excited. Plus, watch the trailer for The Corridor, which we hope is better than Stephen King's Dreamcatcher.

The Innkeepers
Folks have been talking about Ti West's The Innkeepers. While we still haven't seen the trailer, the premise is simple, it's a "a horror-thriller centered on the last two employees at a haunted hotel that's going out of business." People are buzzing that this film is just an old-fashioned ghost story, and we really love the sound of that. Check out this gorgeous poster that was just released via Ain't It Cool News.


Quiet Earth uncovered this promising trailer for Pakistan's first ever science fiction film. The big budget feature is a post-apocalyptic disaster film. Watch the trailer for Pakistan's first scifi feature now!

[The film] Revolves around three intertwined stories and the choices each character
makes in seeking redemption and forgiveness before their doomed fate.

The Corridor
Were you disappointed with Dreamcatcher? I certainly was. Too much CG alien, not enough friend-on-friend murderous rage fits. Fingers crossed that The Corridor will deliver the black violence we crave. Here's a first look at the trailer, which contains a bit of mysticism mixed in with some friendly insanity. Color us interested.

The Corridor is a horror-thriller about male-bonding and miscommunication — The Big Chill slammed into The Evil Dead.

Tyler Crawley needs his friends, now more than ever. Recovering from mental stress in the wake of his mom's death, Tyler has been counting on a weekend with the guys to bring him back to normal. For Tyler's sake his old buddies rally themselves, though the "glue" which keeps them together has weakened with the passing of recent years — a natural enough occurrence.

But with the introduction of a single unnatural occurance — the corridor itself — the knots in these male bonds will come loose with a terrifying speed. Both a fantastical passageway to somewhere and a passageway into the mind of the male animal, the corridor will lead Tyler and his friends to the very edge of sanity and beyond...