Illustration for article titled Gorgeous Warming Teapot Provides a Window To Steeping Perfection

If you're particularly picky about how your tea is steeped, this beautiful teapot lets you monitor the intensity of your brew with its see-through glass carafe. And with a built-in mesh infuser, the Smar Tea lets you halt the steeping process when the perfect shade is reached by simply tipping back its stainless steel lid.

The pot even comes with a matching stainless steel warming stand like your favorite fondue set. So you can use a tiny tealight candle to gently keep the brew piping hot without having to refresh the water or rely on an unsightly power cord. If the Smar Tea produces tea that's even half as good as it looks, it will certainly be worth the $135 WMF is asking for it. [WMF via The Fancy]


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