GPS Tracker Defense Hides Your Global Position

In our Gizmodomobile (a sort of cross between the Batmobile, those cars from M.A.S.K. and every other awesometastic vehicle you've ever read about, dreamed about or just imagined), sometimes we need to disable all 238 installed GPS tracking devices to go off the grid (namely while we park for hours on end outside of Bill Gates' mansion). You know what would free up our hands for our thermal binoculars? This GPS Tracker Defense.

Once plugged into one of our 15 power ports, we'd be able to block all GPS transmissions for a range of 5 meters. That means Gates can no longer abuse his reputation at Microsoft, and set his various servers, AI systems and mini robots that come out of the ground to nip at our feet on us ever again.


Now to only find the $300 to buy this thing. We just spent all our money on a watch for a special someone. He said the watch was nice, but to stop sending these things covered in our pheromones before he called the cops. Did you hear that? The watch was nice! He loves the watch!! [product via tfts]

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