Ever wondered how high school graduation rates vary across the country? Well this map shows you exactly how.

Put together by Sarah Butrymowicz for the Hechinger Report, the map’s based on data from the States Department for Education. The government only publishes state-level figures, but she figured that wasn’t good enough.


There are a few holes—Pennsylvania, in particular, apparently only reports graduation rates by individual school not district, and Oklahoma is being slow to report its data—but it’s a pretty thorough map. Butrymowicz explains what there is to see:

[Y]ou can see some regional patterns: Just look at how low graduation rates are in the South, and at the stark differences along some state borders, like Texas’s high graduation rates and New Mexico’s low ones. Some states are generally consistent in their achievement (Wisconsin) or lack thereof (Nevada), while others have notable variation among districts. In Colorado, for instance, pockets of high graduation rates are surrounded by poorer-performing districts.

The data corresponds to students from 2013, just so you know.

[Hechinger Report]


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