Gravity Powers This Marble Maze Board Game, No Batteries Required

Watching a marble meander its way through a towering maze is another one of life's simple pleasures, but like with most activities, we've managed to find a way to turn building a marble maze into a competition. Although as far as board games go, Gravity Maze looks like it offers up some great challenges that will appeal to both kids and adults.

It sounds a little like Mouse Trap which has players racing to assemble the exact same maze every time, but the challenge with Gravity Maze is to come up with new mazes each time to deliver a marble to a pre-determined spot on the game board.


For $40 it comes with 60 unique challenges that range in difficulty so kids shouldn't feel frustrated and adults shouldn't feel bored, and when you're done competing it serves as a fun little marble maze desktop toy that you can rebuild again and again during boring conference calls. [ThinkGeek]

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