Great Deal Alert: For $30,000 You Can 3D-Print a Life-Size Clone of Yourself For Mother's Day

Can’t make it back to Smalltown, USA, for Mother’s Day this weekend? That’s OK. Your mom will happily pretend that a phone call and a flower delivery is enough. But imagine her excitement if instead of flowers, someone delivered a life-size 3D-printed replica of you to her door?

That’s exactly what Groupon is offering with this $30,000 deal that it promises it’s definitely not a delayed April Fools’ Day prank. To get it, though, you will need to call Groupon directly, and presumably provide some kind of proof you’re good for 30,000 big ones.


Your expensive gift includes an allotment of $2,500 so you can travel to a scanning facility in order to digitize your body from head to toe. From that scan, a company called SWIGRO, distributors of a massive 3D printer called the BigRep ONE, will create your clone. Everything else will be left to the pros—except picking out an outfit your mom will like. You don’t even need to sign a card.

You’ve got two days left to mull the gift over before time runs out on the offer. It’s certainly an expensive way to avoid having to go home for just one holiday, but remember, your 3D-printed proxy can also stand in for you at birthdays, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas. Sounds like the deal of the century.

[Groupon via Adweek]


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