Green Lantern's deleted Superman cameo revealed, plus Cate Blanchett and the 7th Doctor join The Hobbit!

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Clark Kent really did almost appear in Green Lantern, and The Hobbit adds some awesome new cast members. The Spider-Man reboot has begun filming in 3D, and Jon Favreau talks about what The Magic Kingdom will and won't be. Spoilers!


Green Lantern

Writer Marc Guggenheim gushed about the movie, going so far as to compare Peter Sarsgaard's performance as Hector Hammond to Heath Ledger's work as the Joker, which is pretty much the single boldest comparison you can make when talking about superhero movie villains. He also weighed in on the talk of a Superman - or, more accurately, Clark Kent - cameo that was in earlier drafts of the film:

"Without trying very hard, you could probably find the leaked script on the internet. [The Superman cameo] is in the leaked script. It survived several drafts. Ultimately, it was cut for budgetary reasons. We took it out in one of our later drafts...The Clark Kent cameo is still near and dear to my heart. I really wanted it to be in the movie," he added, only to joke, "You never know - it can still happen. If Tom Welling has a free hour or two, you never know."

As for the more obscure Lanterns, it pays to be the favorite of director Martin Campbell. Ch'p, unfortunately, wasn't one of those:

"I can pretty much promise that Ch'p will not be in the movie. Martin's favorite Lantern, who is in the movie, is Bzzd. The funny thing is, from our very first meeting with Martin, he came onto the project and really knew his stuff. He was able to quote Lanterns and said 'I love Bzzd' from the start. I was like, 'Okay, I guess Bzzd is in the movie.'"

[MTV Splash Page]

Spider-Man Reboot

Director of photography John Schwartzmann revealed that the movie began shooting on Monday using the Red Epic camera, a state-of-the-art 3D camera. This is the first movie to go into production with the camera, although The Hobbit previously announced they would be using it as well. You can read more on how the camera affects Schwartzmann's approach at the link. []


The Hobbit

Doctor Who's own Sylvester McCoy is officially playing the wizard Radagast the Brown! Also, Cate Blanchett is back as Galadriel. But, really people, Sylvester McCoy!!! Also, Thorin Oakenshield's dwarf company is now more or less complete, with Ken Stott, Jed Brophy, and William Kircher aboard as Balin, Nori, and Bifur. Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt is playing the shape-shifter Beorn, and Ryan Gage is playing Drogo Baggins, the cousin of Bilbo and father of Frodo. [Coming Soon]


The Magic Kingdom

Jon Favreau talked about this movie about a family getting trapped in a real-life version of Disneyland, suggesting he's putting a lot of work and research into it and that it won't just be a crossover-laden mess:

"I don't think it's going to be mixing all the other movies. I think it's going to be its own thing; I don't think it will be like Night at the Museum. I want to make it a little bit spookier like the old Disney movies were and try to really capture that tone.

This is something that I've always been drawn to and now to say ‘What characters do you want to use and how do you not make it Space Jam or like the Christmas parade with every character?' How do you show restraint and how do you make it tie into the emotional development of the characters?"


I'm shocked that he doesn't think Space Jam is the model for any great film, but fair enough. He suggests the movie really is focused on telling a story about the park itself, instead of just randomly trotting out every Disney property (which, admittedly, is sort of the whole point of the Magic Kingdom in the first place):

"[The story for Magic Kingdom] is essentially a family caught in Disneyland, bringing all of the attractions to life. I really want to plumb the depths of the history of the park because it's a place I love to go a few times a year."


There's a lot more at the link. [Screenrant]

Transformers: The Dark of the Moon

Here's the first teaser poster: [TFLAMB]

I Am Number Four

Star Alex Pettyfer says his favorite part of the movie was getting to blow up a football stadium:

I would go blow up the football stadium again! I had so much fun running around. It's so crazy, it's like being twenty years old but still dreaming about going into the back garden and playing action hero. You go on this massive American football field and have to use your imagination.

The first shot we had, we run out of the tunnel onto the field and there are [creatures] jumping down at you and people are shooting at you and the ground is exploding. It's so crazy, all the things you have to imagine happening and then you see the trailer and part of the film and it all comes to life.


[Teen Hollywood]

The Girl from Mars

NCIS star Pauley Perrette, who is very quietly one of the most beloved actresses in the country, will star as a woman who claims to be from another planet and who changes the life of a lonely geek forever. The film is directed by low-budget auteur James Felix McKenney. [Coming Soon]


Wrath of the Titans

Liam Neeson confirms that he will be back as Zeus in the Clash of the Titans sequel, and that the movie will have "some kick-ass stuff and a very human story to it." I find it deeply amusing to imagine Liam Neeson actually saying those words. He also confirmed the film is indeed just called Wrath of the Titans. [The Belfast Telegraph]



Here's a promo for the next episode, "Marionette." It's sharing time with a Bones promo as well: [Fringe Television]

Doctor Who

Steven Moffat gave another cryptic variation on what lies ahead for series six:

Silence will fall! River Song will, at long last, introduce herself. The true nature of the relationship of Amy Pond and her Doctor will be revealed.


I'd say the major takeaway here is that Moffat's wording strongly implies we're going to see River Song's first meeting with the Doctor from her perspective. I think that's been mooted previously, but consider this an extra bit of evidence for that. [Life, the Universe, and Combom]

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman revealed a couple cryptic hints about just what Dr. Jenner whispered in Rick's ear:

I don't want to give anything away! Look, it could have been just like, "Hey, watch out for those zombies out there, dude!" But it wasn't. It'll probably be revealed in season two, what he said. And it's pretty monumental.



The original report for this comes from a site that gets very basic details about the show wrong (show creator Andrew Lincoln?), so I'm a little dubious about this. But Charlie Sheen is supposedly going to have a cameo in the next season as a zombie. One would assume he'll be buried under enough makeup to make him more or less unrecognizable, although I do find the idea of the entire show briefly stopping in its tracks for the characters to recognize a zombified Charlie Sheen so delightfully terrible that I'd kind of like to see it. This is all happening because Sheen is supposedly a huge fan of the show, and the report indicates this could start a mini-trend of other name actors appearing as zombie extras. [Socyberty]


True Blood

We don't know who they're playing, but Christina Moore, Neil Hopkins, and Chris Butler have all reportedly signed on for multiple episodes next season. [EW]



30 Rock's Chris Parnell talks a little about his role as a mad scientist in the holiday special:

There is some mischief, but I end up being part of the solution. I play a scientist working at General Dynamics who gets involved when a device that can condense matter has a much bigger shrinking effect than intended.


[TV Guide]


In a new interview, Elizabeth Mitchell discusses when Anna will find out what Erica did to her eggs, and the possibility of getting a love interest. [Visitorsite]


Here are some set photos from the season 2 finale: [Susan Gittins's Flickr]


Here's a couple promos and some photos for the next episode, "Icarus": [Comic Book Resources]



Syfy has reportedly ordered 11 episodes of the series, which stars David Straithairn as Dr. Leigh Rosen, the eccentric leader of a team of special agents with mental superpowers. The show has already shot a 90-minute pilot directed by Lost's Jack Bender. [TV Guide]



Series four will premiere on January 1, 2011 in both the US and UK. [Daemon's TV]


Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.


Ghost in the Machine

Isn't it a little late for the Eureka spoiler since that episode aired last night?