Green Lantern's New Concept Art Has Blue Aliens We're Actually Scared Of

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Last week we showed you a few new concept designs from the Green Lantern movie, and now there's even more to share. Stare straight into the blue faces of the Guardians of the Universe, and their big-headed problem child.

These are the Guardians of the Universe and if these really are the designs that the movie winds up using, then we're excited about the frightening direction they took the mega-cephalic bald blue men into.


Next up is the first ever concept art of Green Lantern's mentor Sinestro, who turns into a nemesis in the comics. He looks bigger than we remembered, which may work now that Jackie Earle Haley isn't in the running.


And finally here is a bit of fan art that guesses what Sinestro would look like with mooted actor Mark Strong playing the role. Thanks to Comic Book Movie for pointing this out.